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Jersey City Using GPS Fleet Tracking to Save Money

Mayor Steven M. Fulop of Jersey City, NJ has announced that the city has started a new 30 day pilot program to use GPS to track 20 of the cities vehicles.  In this 30 day test period the city hopes to see a reduction in time on the job, reduction in fuel consumption, idle time reduction and abuse of city property to stop all together.

GPS Fleet SolutionsThe Mayor is quoted in saying “Already this GPS program helped eliminate wasteful vehicle idling times, thereby reducing fuel consumption,” Fulop said in a statement. “It has also eliminated unauthorized stops and after-hour usage by city employees, and has greatly improved productivity while creating efficiency and accountability throughout the Department of Public Works.”

From the cities website,, we’ve learned that the cost of the 30 day pilot program will cost the city of Jersey City absolutely nothing.  The system provider is so confident the city will save money that they are paying for the system to be installed and used for 30 days.  They know that the city will save time and money, the Mayor is on record saying that they know there was abuse of city owner vehicles and they’re are cracking down with the use of these GPS fleet management systems.


“We know past administrations have fostered a culture of entitlement and abuse by employees of city vehicles and we are taking every measure to ensure an end to that abuse,” said Mayor Fulop.  They understand that accountability needs to be built into their operations.  They know they need checks and balances to help save the tax payers of Jersey City money.  With these systems the city can look forward to notices when speeding occurs, when a vehicle leaves the city limits so officials can determine if it’s for city business or not.  Email and text alerts will be sent to management and administration when things occur that shouldn’t be occurring!

Plain and simple the city of Jersey City can look forward to a lot of extra accountability and a big reduction in fleet related expenses.  GPS fleet tracking offers a great return on investment, better than most systems because they are the silent passenger that sees all.

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