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GPS Tracking for Teenage Drivers

Is your teen going to turn 16 years old soon, better yet are they going to be driving soon?  Does this strike fear in your heart?

I know how stressful it can be for a parent to know that their baby will be driving a car!  Every year there are hundreds of thousands of vehicle collisions on the roads, if their was something that you could do to help minimize the chances that one of your loved ones was in an accident, would you take those steps?  Of course you would, well Driver Watch Systems has that something to help you today.

Land Air Sea SilverCloud Sync GPS Tracking Device


The SilverCLoud Sync device is a very simple GPS tracker that fits right into the OBD2 port of your vehicle.  Simple install, just lock it into place and it’s up and running in no time at all.  Get reports of your vehicles location, see if the vehicle has accelerated or stopped too fast.  Set a speed limit and know when it’s been exceeded.

Want to see exactly where your car is?  Just log onto Land Air Sea’s real time online tracking system and you can see your cars exact position on Google maps.

LAS Screen SHotSimple as that, you can watch along on your PC or on your iPhone or Android smart phone as well with Land Air Sea app.

Don’t want to babysit your kids online the entire time they are out and about?

No problem, just set up geofences around popular locations like the movies, your home and their school.  Every time they cross over those geofences you will be notified by text or email.  Same with speeding, you want to know when they exceed 55mph, no problem a text or email will sent to you as soon as that happens.

Educate Your Young Drivers

These are great training devices as well, these GPS trackers are not here to make sure your teen never drives again.  They are here to make sure they are able to drive again and that they improve their driving habits on the road!  These trackers will help you educate your child on their driving, making them better drivers to the benefit of all those on the road.

Interested in learning how you can help your teens become better drivers?  Just visit or sales page here for more information.  Or you can call us directly, 407-964-1278.  We are available for your call anytime!

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