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GPS, Tracking, Platform, Software

DWS Tracking Platform w/Dashboard

  • Real-time Tracking
  • Hours of Service HOS & EDriver Logs
  • Full Dashboard for Quick Reference
  • Routing Page w/Find Closest Vehicle
  • Full Alerting Suite
  • Geofences: Circle, Polygon or Route
  • Vehicle Maintenance Logging w/Notification
  • Vehicle/Driver History w/Playback
  • Dispatching GPS Tracking, Fleet Management, Tracking Dashboard
  • Full Management Report Suite
  • Average Idle Time
  • Vehicle Summary
  • Average Max Speeds



OBD-II, GPS, Tracker, Device, Hardware

DWS-3030 OBD-II Tracking Device

  • OBDII Interface
  • Record Location, Speed, Direction and Mileage
  • Receive Entry and Exit Alerts From Defined Areas
  • 3 axis accelerometer
  • Superior GPS and Cellular Performance
  • Detects harsh driving practices
  • Internal Back-up battery
  • Unplug Detection & Alerting
  • Over the Air Serviceability


gps tracking, fleet tracking, fleet tracking hardwareDWS-2600 Hardwired GPS Tracking Device

  • Record Location, Speed, Direction and Mileage
  • Receive Entry and Exit Alerts From Defined Areas
  • 3-axis Accelerometer for Motion Sensing
  • Driver Behavior Reporting
  • 3 inputs and 3 outputs
  • Internal Back-up Battery
  • Easy Three Wire Install
  • Internal Antenna
  • Geofencing Ability
  • Over the Air Serviceability



Trailer, Tracking, GPS, Hardware, DeviceDWS-1200 Trailer and Asset Tracking Device

  • 3.8 Ah Rechargeable Battery – Good for up to 6 months (at one message/day)
  • Complete Tracking and Messaging Device
  • Over the Air Programming and Serviceability
  • 3 Axis Accelerometer
  • Ultra-Low Power Safe Mode
  • Internal Antenna


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General System Features

    • Multi-user functionality
    • Geofencing – Draw boundary lines around locations and receive reports on boundary crossings
    • Record location, speed, direction and mileage
    • Record ignition and idle events
    • Google Map Integration
    • Super-fast routing computer and high-power GPS functionality to keep your drivers on the road, not waiting around for job information
    • Commercial grade device- built to be used day in, day out, in tough conditions


    • Fast access to clear and concise high quality colored maps
    • Real-time vehicle tracking
    • Wide-area mapping or down to street level
    • Select a street and route the vehicles from your desktop
    • Integrated navigation options
    • Search nearest vehicle to a location
    • Request independent location queries


    • Comprehensive fleet management reports – Emailed Automatically
    • Daily Activity Report
    • Site Report
    • Stop Report
    • Trip Report
    • Speed Analysis Report
    • Maintenance Report


    • Receive desktop alerts on boundary crossing and certain vehicle activities
    • Alerts on entry/exit to specific areas defined by you
    • Overspeed alerts sent directly to your phone or mobile device
    • Receive automatic time/distance activity updates

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