Experience Cost Savings with GPS Fleet Solutions

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Reduce Expenses in Fuel, Payroll, Insurance Premiums and More

Our customers have found that the use of our GPS vehicle tracking systems help them use technological advancements in their normal operating procedures to provide a tangible return on their investment. The use of a fleet management system through GPS tracking provides an easy and accurate way to promote safety and reduce expenses in a variety of ways:


    • Theft/Unauthorized Usage Prevention
    • Decrease in Accident Rate
    • Reduce Speeding

Cost Reduction:

    • Fuel Cost Savings
    • Increased Fleet Efficiency
    • Reduced Overtime
    • Moonlighting Prevention
    • Off-Road Fuel Tax Reduction
    • Possible Insurance Premium Rate Reduction

Get Messaging Alerts & Customized Reports at Your Fingertips

These GPS tracking systems will send messaging alerts as well as keep track of the data it collects for reporting at regular intervals or at your request.

Receive an alert when your vehicles:

    • Idle too long
    • Speed
    • Enter a location they should not be in.
    • Enter or Exit a GeoFence

Use the fleet management reports for:

The reports are a crucial part of these management systems and they will play an important role in furthering the success of your business!

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