GPS Fleet Tracking and Management Platform

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This is the heart of our GPS tracking system, the GPS tracking platform is what shows you all of the data that is being captured by your new tracking hardware.  We are happy to provide a robust system to help you manage your fleet better.

  • Real-time Tracking
  • Full Dashboard
  • Routing Page w/Find Closest Vehicle
  • Alerts
  • Geofences: Circle/Polygon or Route
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Vehicle/Driver History w/Playback
  • Dispatch
  • Full Report Suite
  • Immediate Dashboard View of Alerts
  • Average Idle Time
  • Vehicle Summary
  • Average Max Speeds
  • View Fuel Levels

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Automated Alerting System

We know you’re busy, so when you can’t be watching your vehicles you can rest assured that your GPS tracking system is.  Our system will email you alerts for whatever parameters you choose. Whether it is excessive speed, unauthorized use, harsh driving (special tracking device req.) or anything else you want to track and monitor, using Driver Watch Systems GPS tracking system will keep you in the know at all times.

Industry-leading Geofencing

Features and landmarks in the real world seldom fall into perfect circles. We know that — and give you industry-leading geofencing capabilities, including the ability to draw the geofences in any shape desired — not just by picking a point and defining the radius of a circle. You’ll also be able to assign custom colors to multiple geofences, making visualization on the mapping and tracking interface that much easier. We offer these types: circle, polygon and also route geofences so you can be alerted when a vehicle leaves a predefined route.

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