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GPS Fleet Solutions Offer Better Management

Let’s just say you are operating a food distribution company that can provide over 15,000 different items to your customers and this company is serving the entire South East United States.  Now you currently have a satellite tracking system in your vehicles but it’s a pretty fragmented system, with different locations using different applications to access and gather this information.  Now, we all know what happens when you have fragmented systems running throughout your company, you end up with fragmented results.  Don’t believe me, just ask Southwest Airlines how the integration of AirTran is going, but I digress…

Cheney Brothers

Well, this is the scenario of Cheney Brothers, a food service distributor founded in 1925.  Cheney Brothers finally decided that they wanted to bring their tracking systems together and provide some unity in the system they were using to track and manage their fleet of vehicle.  They sat down and basically designed their own system.  This new system was used to bring their managers, sales staff and drivers together on a platform that allows everyone to retrieve and review the necessary information and reports right from their PC’s or mobile apps, regardless of their mobile platform.  They have apps that can be downloaded right from their company system for both the Apple iOS and the Android platform.

Now they are no longer running a fractured system and are enjoying a very beneficial return on their investment.  Through the use of Geo-Fencing and Reporting they have achieved a level of efficiency that was not able to have been reached in the past.

Your Own Tracking and Management System

Okay so is your company ready to take on the designing of their own fleet management and tracking system?  No?  Completely understandable, and honestly why?  Especially when you consider it’s already done for you.  Think about it, if you reach out to a fleet management and vehicle tracking company, such as Driver Watch Systems, they can come into your business learn about it and then recommend a great package for your particular business.

Your company will now be outfitted to receive the very same benefits as Cheney Brothers.  Complete with reporting software that is award winning and tamper resistant hardware that reports in when someone decides it’s time to remove it.  Geo-fencing, is available along with idle warning and unauthorized movement.  Your company will receive the same return on investment that the big boys get and you’ll be able to pay for the system right out of the money that your company will be saving.

Give Driver Watch Systems a call today and let’s talk about your companies specific needs and how we can help, today.


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