Quick Geofence Creation – Fleet Tracking and Management System

Quick Geofence Creation Instructions

First off, for those who aren’t familiar with geofencing within our fleet tracking and management platform, a geofence is nothing more than a virtual fence surrounding a location determined by the user, and you will want to use them around locations visited on a regular basis.  [...] Read More

Save Money By Eliminating Wasteful Routing

Here’s another video tutorial from Driver Watch Systems.  In this video we are dealing with the wasting of time and money through inappropriate use of a vehicle or from bad routing.[...] Read More

Routing the Nearest Vehicle Function – Fleet Tracking and Management System

Here’s another video tutorial from Driver Watch Systems, this one is on routing the nearest and most economical vehicle from any location to any user specified location. This is beneficial when you have multiple vehicles on the road that are all capable of performing the same job, but you may not be certain which vehicle you should re-route to the new location. Why send a vehicle when it’s 20 miles away if you can send one that is 5 miles?[...] Read More

Driver Behavior Monitoring – GPS Fleet Tracking and Management

Insurance companies, more and more, are offering discounted rates for the use of a fleet tracking and monitoring system because they understand how well they work to change the behavior of drivers.  The change in behavior results in reduced claims for the fleet owner and insurance companies, and mitigating these claims is everyone’s responsibility.  Monitoring the behavior of a driver is very similar to monitoring your progress during any exercise program.  If you expect to get better and produce results then you must have a starting point, then monitor the progress from there, this is what we help commercial fleet owners do everyday.[...] Read More

Automated Fleet Management Reports – Fleet Tracking System

The heart of any good fleet tracking and management system will always be its management reports.  The reports is where you find the efficiency increasing, procrastination reducing, safety related information… you know the good stuff![...] Read More

Recording Completed Maintenance – Fleet Tracking and Management System

In previous blogs and videos we’ve talked about being able to track the maintenance needs of your tracked assets through our fleet management and tracking system. Entering completed work done on these assets is a vital part of the maintenance tracking process, here is a quick video tutorial on how you go about entering this work.[...] Read More

Setting Up A Maintenance Schedule – Fleet Tracking and Management Platform

One of the best attributes to Driver Watch Systems’ fleet management and tracking platform is the vehicle maintenance module.  In this module you can track any number of maintenance operations to be certain that operation is completed as prescribed.  If the oil needs to be changed at 3000 miles then an automated notice is emailed for the work to be completed at that interval.  Here is a video tutorial on setting up the necessary schedule within our platform.[...] Read More

Automated Maintenance Reminders – Fleet Tracking System

Within the Driver Watch Systems fleet management and tracking platform is a maintenance module that allows the tracking and monitoring of maintenance for any number of specific operations for your tracked vehicles or assets. For instance if you wanted to be notified when it was time to change the oil in a vehicle at a set mileage, our tracking system will notify any email address you wish that this service is required when the time is right. Here is a quick video tutorial on how to enter the email address for the specific operations.
[...] Read More

Adding a Vehicle’s Mileage to the Fleet Tracking Platform

Once you have your vehicles within DWS’s fleet tracking and management platform you may now begin modifying and personalizing your info.  Here’s a quick tutorial on how you want to add the vehicle’s specific mileage to the platform.  This will be used in reporting and also accumulation of total miles driven throughout the tracking platform.[...] Read More

Fleet Tracking For Trucking Companies

Fleet Tracking For Trucking Companies[...] Read More