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Durham Public Schools to Track School Buses

The Durham, NC public school system has recently stated they will begin to us a GPS tracking system on their school buses.  GPS tracking is something that the Durham School System has been looking into for a few years now, they have tested a few systems and are ready to implement the tracking system district wide now.  The DPS buses will travel upward of 4 million miles over the course of a school year and many of the buses will idle for many hours as well.

GPS tracking will help the DPS system track not only the location of the buses but also the number of stops and the number of time the stop arms are activated.  They should see quite a drastic reduction in fuel related expenses as well.  The school system spends close to $2.1 million in fuel every year for their 700,000 gallons of fuel and with the reduction of total miles driven along with the amount of idle time being reduced they will see a great savings, says The Herald Sun.

Fleet Tracking Safety

The biggest advantage of the new tracking system should also be the the improvement in safety.  With the initiation of a tracking system they will achieve a change in driver behavior as well.  We’ve talked about driver behavior changing before, take a look here for further reading.  As much as I don’t really like the token phrase of “win-win”, this really is a win-win situation for the Durham School System.  With the better utilization of each vehicle, students transported more efficiently and safer along with a drastic reduction in total fuel consumed the tax payer will truly see a great return on their investment.

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