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Speed Monitoring

GPS tracking has brought many business opportunities to its user over the years but there really has never been one like Speed Monitoring.  Historically companies have been able to see how fast their vehicles have traveled by running reports but not really knew if they were speeding unless the posted speed limits were already known to them.  Well, that has changed!  Navman has introduced Speed Monitoring as an add-on to their award winning fleet management and GPS tracking system.

ROI and Benefits

  • Speed monitoring reduces speeding related accidents by as much as 67%.
  • About 23% of all accidents occur when a vehicle is speeding and the average cost id over $100,000. When you reduce your fleets speed you are reducing the chance of an accident exponentially.
  • Reduce fuel consumption too; fuel consumption may be reduced by 15% when you reduce speeds by 10 mph.
  •  Speeding can increase maintenance costs by $200/vehicle.
  • Speed monitoring gives control to you and your managers.  Speeding issues may be handled with easy to understand reports and facts.

Speed Monitoring gives you visibility to your fleet’s speed violations and peace of mind that you can stop them with 3 easy steps.

  1.  Set up your vehicles in the system and begin receiving reports on standard speeding violations immediately.
  2.  Drill down into the reports online or print them out by vehicle, time or incident specific data.
  3.   Set company speeding policies and enforce them even in places where there are no posted speed restrictions.

Navman has started offering this feature and many others to benefit your company so that you can make your fleet healthier and safer while reducing fuel and maintenance costs with increased efficiencies.

Changing of Behavior

As we’ve discussed prior the changing of driver behavior is essential in making your fleet safer.   A safer fleet operates more efficiently and will produce better results at a lower cost to you.  Imagine having a lean and mean work force operating safe and at their maximum efficiency.  Sound too good to be true?  Not when you are provided with the proper information to make the best business decisions possible.  That’s why a fleet management and GPS tracking system from Driver Watch Systems is essential for your company.  So give us a call today, there is no obligation to receive a free demonstration of our system and how it can help you today. We’ve helped many fleet operators over the years and we look forward to helping you as well.

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