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Is tracking a driver any different than tracking… a shark?

ABC Nightline recently ran a story on TV, that you can see here, that really got me thinking.  They were highlight the tagging and GPS tracking of Great White Shark.  You know the shark that incites fear in heart of many a beach goer.  We’ve all seen the movies, where the dorsal fin of the shark is first seen swimming along the shoreline, then the pretty lady or small child enters the picture…  we all know where this goes from here.  But this doesn’t happen in real life all that much, in fact according to the researcher in the ABC story you have a better chance of dying on your way to the beach than you do being attacked by a shark while swimming at he beach.

GPS Tracking


To better understand why shark behave the way they do researchers are tagging and installing GPS trackers onto the sharks.  This gives them a much better idea where the sharks go, what other sharks mingle with, and when they mingle.  Right now mating season is tough to pinpoint for sharks, but while being tracked you can see when they like to congregate together, this gives a much better idea of when and how often a shark will mate.  Now you may think I’m getting way off target for fleet management and tracking but really I’m not that far off, you see if you have drivers out and about on the road in your vehicles you probably want to know for certain how they are behaving.

Would you find it beneficial to know when and where your drivers are stopping?  If a driver is stopping frequently at locations not on his/her manifest wouldn’t this worry you enough to question the reason?  I’m certain it would.  This then leads to the changes in the behavior that were originally noticed.  Now with the sharks we are learning how they function to predict outcomes, but with our vehicles and employees we are learning how they operate and preform so that we may be able to promote efficiency and reduce unnecessary expenses.

Better Education = Better Decisions

While we continue to educate ourselves on the behavior of sharks we are able to make better decisions on how we interact with them to promote the species longevity.  This is the same with GPS tracking on our fleet vehicles, we are able to better educate ourselves on details about our vehicles so that we may promote our businesses longevity.  Information that we gather may be used to prevent maintenance issues or even reduce the amount of fuel our vehicles burn, right up to verifying the time on a job.  The reasons for fleet tracking and monitoring are many but and the reasons why your company is not using it are reducing as frequently as the rise in fuel price!

Contact Driver Watch Systems today to learn how we can help educate you employees so that your company may be around many years to come.

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