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Who’s Driving What?

One of the best features of the Navman Wireless GPS vehicle tracking and management system is the ability to see not only where a vehicles is located but also who is driving the vehicle.  If you have a fleet of ten vehicles and they are all over town or the country on a regular basis then figuring out who used a vehicle on a specific day or time is not easy.  There are a lot of things that make this information necessary, if an employee runs a red light and you get a red light running ticket knowing who made the infraction can save your company over $100.  So how can we do this easily without a lot of extra equipment and extra costs?

Driver ID

Driver ID Key Fob

The Driver ID Key Fob from Navman Wireless is how.  Every driver gets a key fob that is unique to them and when they get in the vehicle for the day they just swipe the key fob next to the reader and they are registered as the driver. You can program the reader to log out the driver at every ignition off event or have it wait for an hour before they are logged off.  If the driver forgets to log in they will get an audible alert until they do swipe their key fob to log themselves in.  Here are a few examples of how this can help.

  • Alternative Driver Time Cards – Drivers can “log in” and “log out” in vehicles, this way fleet managers may pull times logged in vehicle for payroll, job costing, and other needs
  • Streamline Data Capture – Electronically report the paper time cards and allow for much better reporting around which driver is in each vehicle or asset
  • Increased Driver Oversight – Identify certain behavior by a driver to help your fleet’s performance

Driver behavior will definitely be changed and influenced by the addition of this technology.  This is very important to the safe operation of your companies vehicles, if a driver is not operating your vehicles safely or in an efficient manner then they aren’t representing your company to their fullest.  We’ve talked in the past how much an unsafe driver may cost a company if an accident occurs but just think about the small amounts that are nickled and dimed from your company on a regular basis.  These amounts add up and in the course of a year or so they can total well into the tens of thousands.  Give Driver Watch Systems a call today or shoot us an email and we can set up a time to discuss your fleet and it’s specific needs today.



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