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Quality and Affordability – GPS Fleet Tracking

GPS Fleet Tracking

A GPS Fleet Tracking system incorporates equipment installed on vehicles that will be monitored throughout the course of their use. Such a tracking system makes it easy to get real time information about the current location of a certain truck or car. GPS which stands for Global positioning systems, is a technology that enables objects and people to be tracked remotely by satellites in any part of the world.

GPS Fleet Tracking systems were essentially developed to help monitor drivers and their driving patterns and behaviors. Fleet drivers are normally given the responsibility to transport valuable goods or conduct time sensitive events, so there is normally no room for mistakes when it comes to this transport industry. Fleet trucks are usually time bound and route specific as well.

Tracking Driver Behaviors

Drivers may some time tend to deviate from specified routes and driving directions that have been put forward by their superiors or fleet managers. The drivers are also required to stick to strict time schedules that must be adhered to at all times. The above technological systems help fleet managers to keep track and monitor the behavior of drivers as well as their day to day driving habits.

Drivers who are reckless or are prone to speeding can be easily caught using a quality and affordable GPS Fleet Tracking system. A reliable system will also highlight when a certain driver goes off route which in itself may be a violation of the companies policies and standard practices.

Real time vehicle and asset monitoring and tracking has never been so important as it is today. This procedure has enormous benefits to fleet and transport companies. Fleet managers can control and ensure efficient and proper driving is taking place. Efficient fleet vehicle driving results in lower costs and better security for cargo and assets that are being transported from one point to the other.

Fuel Savings

The other major advantage of using a quality GPS tracking system for fleet vehicles is improved fuel efficiency because drivers are more conscious of their driving habits and will never go off route or make unnecessary stops. Some employees can even be malicious enough to siphon fuel from the tank of a fleet vehicle, our system can be designed to monitor your fuel and it’s consumption to show an irregularity, raising red flags to fleet managers.

The latest GPS tracking technologies make it easy to get real time updates and alerts on vehicle or asset departure, progress of journey and arrival times. The updates and alerts can be received by fleet managers through their mobile gadgets with a lot of convenience and ease.

Fuel efficiency is a top priority in the transport and fleet industry. Speeding can be a major safety concern as well as a cause for faster than normal fuel consumption. Driving at a moderate speed saves a lot of fuel and this directly translates to lower fleet transportation costs.

A reliable and smart GPS tracking system for fleet vehicles will have a provision for geofencing, these allow for efficient and accurate record keeping and notification of entry and exit, as well as time inside, of each and every geofence. Don’t forget the routing features, these allows managers and drivers to have access to maps that provide the fastest routes to a certain destinations. The shorter a route is the faster a driver can get to their set destination. Fuel is also saved in the process and fast cargo delivery orders are met. This improves customer satisfaction and brands popularity.

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