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Fleet Tracking System with Map Overlays

Using Map Overlays, See exact locations of your job sites right on your tracking map.

How many times have you looked at a map of your assets and wondered to yourself “where exactly are they?” “Is this even close to the job site?”

Points of Interest

With Driver Watch Systems’ map overlays you can, within seconds, upload a file of your job sites to our tracking platform as “Points of Interest”.  They can now be very easily identified and in direction relation to the locations of your assets.
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No more wondering what exactly a crew is working on or wondering how to easily route an asset to this job site.  With our map overlays you can see the specific location and you can automatically route the closest vehicle to that location, saving time and fuel.

Your companies situational awareness of job and asset allocation will be increased exponentially.

POI Alerts

We also have POI alerts that can be generated upon entry and exit of the Point of Interests, this way you now have a more efficient workforce and also a historic record of the coming and goings of your vehicles.

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Get Started Today

This is only one of many features that our fantastic tracking system is full of, and you get all of this for only $19/month/tracking device after initial hardware install.  Contact Driver Watch Systems today to learn how your company can save more time and money by simply clicking on the link below that takes you directly to our contact page.

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Our systems start at only $19/month!

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