GPS Fleet Tracking

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There are many ways Driver Watch Systems GPS fleet tracking system WILL help your business.  Here are just a few you can look forward to in your business.

Reduce Fuel Costs

Reducing fuel burn is key to saving money. I don’t care how much fuel costs; until it’s free burning less of it will save your company money! Optimizing the routes that your vehicle run will reduce the amount of miles driven and the amount of fuel burn while reducing your wear and tear on the vehicle at the very same time. Fuel burned while a vehicle is idling is very expensive when you look at the return, which is essential nothing. Usually the vehicle is just sitting with no one around. Inform your company with data that shows of the amount of idle time and excessive fuel burn by setting targets that will save money immediately.

Improve Vehicle Use

Your company needs to make every single mile count and if your vehicles are being operated for reasons other than business it’s costing you money plain and simple. If you have vehicles circling all over their territories then they are operating inefficiently, this is costing a lot of extra time and fuel. With data to show you where they have been and when they were there you can optimize the vehicle use. Improved routing allows you to complete more work each day and reduce fuel burn. GPS Fleet Tracking, Platform, Drier Watch Systems

Complete More Work

If you are able to optimize the use of your vehicles you are essentially buying back time that would have been spent inefficiently. This time can be used to complete more work and increase your revenue. Drivers that take vehicles home every day can be monitored through alerts to see when they are hitting the road and how their vehicles are being used, simply to maximize efficiency.

Increase Driver Safety

A GPS tracking system helps drivers change their behavior. Imagine having the opportunity to ride along with your drivers, would they operate the vehicle with more respect and more safely? Of course they would, with a tracking system you are essentially in the vehicle with them everywhere they go. Monitor harsh braking, rapid acceleration or hard G turns to understand who is driving safely and who is not. Grade your drivers and help educate them to make your driving workforce the best and safest they can be. Insurance companies are offering annual premium discounts as well, they understand the amazing tool a GPS fleet tracking system can be.

Get a Quote, GPS Fleet TrackingFree Demo, GPS Fleet Tracking

If you still have some doubts please listen to what some of our customers say:

“They have helped us virtually eliminate unauthorized use, we have increased accountability and the school has also been to cut down on administrative costs by automating our record keeping of vehicle use. “
– Kevin Hardy, Director of Maintenance, Coppin State University

“We have been able to increase safety by virtually eliminating speeding in our fleet. We’ve also had a reduction in total fuel consumption with idle alerts and with historical data at our fingertips, we stay well within budget. “
– Jose Costa, Senior Associates/Construction Manager, Terracon Engineering Consultants

“We now have the ability to know where our service trucks are 24 hours a day, it’s made our job easier, our service calls more accurate and added a layer of accountability that was much needed.”
– Barry Bashkoff, Owner, Cromwell Emergency Vehicles