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Fleet and Route Optimization

How much time and money is lost in improper planning? That’s the million dollar question of course, and it is very difficult to answer. Let’s think about it though, with proper planning your company can have all of their vehicles in the exact right place at the exact right times and have had them travel on the shortest route with the least amount of traffic! Easy, right? Nope, but we’ve already established this wasn’t going to be easy.

Save Time and Money

Customers are the biggest factor in your busy day, not only are they the source of your revenue but they also, directly and indirectly, responsible for scheduling your day. If a customer is on the East side of town then you want to do as much as you can on the East side before sending your technician to the West side of town. The last thing you want to do is run back and forth all day!

If you have ten drivers with ten stops every day in a five day work week, that can be as much as 26,000 stops in a year! If a company with this type of volume is able to save 10 miles, 20 minutes and $1.50 in fuel/route every day for all ten vehicles would that equal in savings? A lot! Well this is the type of savings your company can see with a good route optimization system provided through your Navman Fleet Management System.

Fleet and Route Optimization

Route Optimization

The route optimization system is available with the Navman Wireless Fleet Management System. The two systems are completely integrated and work seamlessly.  Here’s how it all works, a dispatcher will take all ten stops per single vehicle and enter them into the system. The routing system will then route them with the most efficient route and show that to the dispatcher.  The optimization is the fastest time and shortest distance for each route.  The dispatcher then has the ability to send that information directly to the vehicle’s in car navigation unit, the M-Nav 800.  At this time all of the routing information is at the driver’s finger tips.  Once they log-in to the system they will then have the option to accept each and every stop as was routed by the optimization system.  The driver then gets turn by turn directions right to each and every stop, completely eliminating the need to enter all the information themselves.

This can be a huge time saver for the dispatcher; research has shown a time savings of close to one hour. This system will help increase safety within your fleet by reducing the risk of a moving violation or a very dangerous and expensive collision.

Technological advances such as these are helping companies all over the world save time and money.  With a good system managing your fleet, your company can start saving time and money as well.

  • Dispatchers can save up to one hour every day.
  • Drivers and vehicles can cut an average ten miles, 20 minutes and close to $2 in fuel per day.
  • Systems are completely integrated for ease of use.
  • Give your employees peace of mind with directions to every stop.

If this system sounds like something your company can use, then don’t waste time and contact Driver Watch Systems by clicking on this link today to learn how we can help you start saving right away.

Save Time and Money

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