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Continued Growth for Fleet Management Market

Call it whatever you want fleet analytics, vehicle tracking, fleet monitoring, telematics or simply GPS tracking.  It’s all about gathering data from your fleet and turning it into information you can use to make your fleet smarter and operate more efficiently.  The industry of fleet management through telemetry is an industry that has been growing exponentially and is slated to continue unabated.  There are many large companies and private equity firms that have been investing in or acquiring companies that sell and/or develop telemetric software and hardware.
The fleet management market is currently an $11 billion industry globally and is forecast to grow at a 23% growth rate through 2018 that should put the market at the $30.5 billion mark.  That is crazy growth for an industry that is still relatively young.  But the youth of the market doesn’t reflect the value by any means, the amount of value in the market is completely related to the value it brings to its customers and users.

Smart Fleet

Fleet management solutions that use technology are enhancing fleet and operational efficiencies through many avenues: increased safety, improved mileage efficiency, better maintenance and the optimization of route and navigation.   It doesn’t matter what industry your company is in, if you have a fleet of vehicles then a quality fleet management system will help your company.

With increased telematics a company has the ability to monitor and account for all types of information.  CO2 emissions can now easily be quantified and reduced; fuel burn through the different phases of vehicle use can be seen and reduced.  A vehicle that maintains speed over 70 mph will use more fuel than one that is operating at 65 mph. Is the extra 5 mph worth the extra burn?  And how is that increased burn going to affect your fleet of 25 vehicles over the course of a year?  Are your fleet drivers allowing your vehicle to idle excessively?  With increased knowledge comes an increased ability to manage more appropriately, thus creating a leaner and meaner fleet that will save your company time and money.

How can we help your company?  It is our goal to set your company up with a state of the art tracking system that will not cost a lot of money, not take a lot of time to learn a new system and to begin better understanding your fleet right away.  Contact Driver Watch Systems today to learn how much we can help your company.

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