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Waste Management Company Achieves Great ROI With Navman Wireless

A very recent press release from RealWire is showing what a great fleet tracking and management system can do.  STE Waste in the UK has been highlighted because they set out to find ways to put money back on their bottom line and still be a “green” company.  STE’s Managing Director Marus Farmer is quoted as saying:

“Green isn’t green unless it costs less,” and says tracking technology is an “enabler” of “sensible ways of working”

GPS Fleet SolutionsMr. Farmer has a great point.  Why would you want to spend extra money to essentially save money and the environment if both of those things can be achieved while saving time and money?

Time is a very limited resource and that expenditure of time to achieve a saving of another resource is not always a good trade-off.  That’s why STE Waste turned to Navman Wireless for help.  With the help of Navman Wireless, STE was able to streamline their operations and save time and money through the reduction of total miles driven as well as fuel waste.

“Having visibility of the fleet in seconds has enabled us to better route our fleet,” he said. “And when you consider that every mile saved puts £1.50 back on the bottom line, you begin to understand why vehicle tracking can be such an effective business tool.”

STE is an acronym for “Save The Environment” and at STE they know to help save the environment and also run a business efficiently, you must reduce the amount of miles driven of your vehicles while maximing their overall performance.  Essentially making your vehicles as efficient as possible is the goal that STE set out to accomplish.  Mr. Farmer likened the GPS fleet solution to having a helicopter view of your entire fleet and making sure they work as directed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

With Navman’s state of the art tracking system companies have up to the minute reports and information to help make better decisions that will start saving money right away.  Idol reports that highlight excessive idling and speed reports that alert speeding immediately are all vital to keeping a well run and highly safe operation.

Do your vehicles operate all around the clock?  Do you have people in constant supervision of the use of those vehilces?  With a fleet management and tracking system you can have that supervision, without the need to hire and train new personal.   The amount of information being gathered around the clock won’t just help your company run a more efficient operation but will help ensure a much safer operation and that protects our great resource, our people.

To learn more about the Navman Wireless system and how it can help your company today, just send us your information and we will be sure to have a polite and friendly person contact you right away to help design a system specific to your companies needs.


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