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Can your company afford to operate WITHOUT GPS fleet tracking?

GPS Fleet Tracking

While a quality GPS fleet tracking system may initially seem rather expensive they truly save time and money.  Let’s dig into this a little bit to help unlock the biggest misconception of GPS tracking for commercial vehicles.

Fleet Inefficiencies

We’ve all heard it a thousand times, “Time is Money!” and this couldn’t possibly be truer.  Time is an asset of limited quantity and if we use it improperly it will bite us every time.  That’s why you should be certain you are using your vehicles and employees to their most efficient, this will only reward your bottom line.  If you had the ability to route vehicles more efficiently, or monitor start and end times of employees more precisely how much could your company save?  We can help with this.

Fuel Costs on the Rise Again

With the cost of fuel on the rise again any savings with fuel can provide a big return on investment.  With our GPS tracking system you will be able to virtually eliminate all excess idle time.  According to AAA an average vehicle will burn close to a gallon of gas every hour, that’s $3.50 every hour!  Multiple that across your entire fleet with an idle time of 5 hours per week and we are talking big money really quick!  We can help your company save the money it’s already spending!


While speeding can be very dangerous it must also be understood that higher rates of speed burn fuel exponentially higher too.  If you had the opportunity to ride along with your fleet vehicle drivers would they drive more responsibly?  Yeah, I thought so.  Well with a tracking system you are riding with your fleet drivers.  With our system you can receive real time alerts when a driver exceeds your preset speed limit.  You can dig down even deeper and see exactly when a driver exceeded the posted speed limit by using our advanced reporting system.

These features definitely save fuel, but more importantly they save accidents which can save lives and lost time to litigation or work missed.   Eliminating speeding will save money, pure and simple.  Once again, we can help save the money you are already spending!


Does your insurance carrier offer a discount for using a GPS tracking system?  Most likely they do, all major carriers offer discounts for programs that will help them save money.   Insurance carriers know they will save money with a fleet vehicle monitoring system because they help to change the driver’s behaviors, and these behavior changes result in less accidents and thus claims!  So please make sure you are getting the maximum amount of savings from your carrier.  And of course, if you’ve not been paying attention, we will help with that too!

After digging a bit deeper I’m sure you now see that you can’t afford to operate your vehicles without a GPS fleet tracking.  Give us a call today and we’d be more than happy to talk with you specifically about your fleet vehicles, 407-964-1278 or simply drop us your info on our site

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