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Do you issue report cards for your fleet drivers?

Fleet Driver PerformanceWe’ve always preached how our fleet tracking and management systems help to change driver behavior for the better.  So now we can say that we have an even better way to manage and grade that behavior change!

Driver Scorecards

Navman Wireless has announced that it has implemented Driver Scorecards into it’s OnLine AVL fleet tracking platform.  This means that there is now a system in place to measure the improvement of driver behavior through these metrics (to name a few):

  • Speeding
  • Idling
  • Harsh Braking
  • High RPM
  • Other user defined bad behavior

In addition to measuring these metrics it is also possible to measure the use of systems within the vehicle such as seat belt use or emergency brake use.  All of these measurements will allow fleet managers and owners an eagle eye view of how their fleet operates are preforming or abusing their job.

Scorecard Summary

Through detailed Scorecard Trip and Progressive Scorecard Reports fleet operators will be able to identify drivers who are preforming below the fleet average.  These reports will allow for a quick reduction in inappropriate behavior that may lead to unsafe conditions.  These unsafe conditions can expose a company to very, very expensive litigation.  Expensive litigation, that’s a bit redundant isn’t it!  If an accident or incident is mitigated how much could your company save?  $1000.00, $100,000.00, $1,000,000.00, all we know is that the number will have a lot of 0’s.

Driver Groups and Vehicle Types

While many companies have many fleet vehicles of varying type and function along with drivers in many geographic locations, Navman has incorporated the use of classifications of by Driver, Region, Office, or Service Type.  This classification will allow the measurement and scoring of driver performance through an average based on these these similarities.  It’s really no use to measure a driver of a front-end loader to the driver of the fuel truck.

Under the vehicle type classification a lot of very good info can be seen, such as vehicle use.  A company will get an overall summary of an assets total use on a job site.  This information will allow for better decision making in the rent or buy scenario, or the reallocation of that asset to another job site.  Decisions that have always had a tremendous impact on a jobs overall budget and total cost.

Interested in learning more about your drivers and vehicles report card?  Please let us know we’d love to talk with you today.

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