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Vehicle Tracking… how does that work exactly?

It just does!? Well, that isn’t the best answer or not really an answer at all, actually.? The entire vehicle tracking system that is part of the fleet management system is really very interesting.? Here’s how the flow of information happens:

  1. GPS satellites find the Navman Wireless Qube covertly placed in your companies vehicle.
  2. The satellites tell the Qube what it’s relative position and speed are, the Qube saves all of this information for transmission.
  3. Using cellular technology the Qube transmits this information to a 3rd party that manages the communication all the way to Navman Wireless’ secure servers.
  4. This information is now sent to the appropriate people or companies through the use of the Internet.
  5. Using Navman Wireless’ Online AVL2 that information is presented? in a pleasing fashion that we all can easily understand.

This stuff is just so cool, a window to your business!? It’s like riding with your drivers everywhere they go, helping them do their job as efficiently and as quickly as they can while keeping the customer happy, contact us today to learn how we can help you.

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