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Proven Technology Equals Success

Even the best sales person can’t deliver a message like the cold hard facts from an actual user.? So here it is, Xtermite, Inc of San Diego, CA replaced their existing GPS navigation system with the Navman Wireless M-Nav 650 system and received amazing results.? An immediate reduction in overtime costs, which was their biggest problem according to the owner.? Xtermite, Inc. was able to reduce their overtime costs by $8000 per pay period for the staff that operate their 17 vehicle fleet.

Other than overtime, Xtermite, Inc. was able to reduce their overall idle time for their fleet.? The owner has reported that with one technician not idling while he or she sets up his schedule has saved them $50/month, that cost reduction alone will pay for the GPS Vehicle Tracking System.

Overall fleet management has improved at Xtermite, Inc. and so has customer satisfaction.? The company has been able to reduce their workload while assisting customers in scheduling and increasing the efficiency of calls, which doesn’t waste their customer’s time, and an added plus they are able to see where their technicians are at any given moment.

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