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Using the Navman Wireless Fleet Management System

Navman Wireless Fleet Tracking capabilities currently track over 175,000 vehicles and assets owned by over 14,000 different companies all over the world. The wireless technology makes it possible to keep tabs on all vehicle locations in real time in addition to controlling costs such as labor, fuel and operating costs.
This technology management reports with identification of drivers with above average and below average driving performance. The driver behavior patterns that affect fuel consumption are also indicated. Communication directly with the driver or operator allows routing to a specific address and finite directions featuring turn-by-turn instructions.

It is important to identify drivers who have driving habits and behind the wheel behavior that cause safety issues and who are lowering fuel consumption by their driving behavior. The Navman Wireless fleet tracking program provides this information.

By sharing all kinds of pertinent real time information with drivers and operators management can make corrective suggestions as to how the trip should continue. There may be detours or accidents which the driver may not be aware. Any obstacle, accident, fires or weather conditions can be relayed to the driver in advance so he can take corrective actions.

A running account of trip costs and downtime can be monitored, also a running dialogue can be maintained with the operators of construction machinery operating at a remote location. As routes and trips happen and construction continues, management can monitor and suggest alternative strategies that better play into the overall management structure. Safety concerns can be addressed immediately on the spot instead of rehashing situations days or weeks later after the safety incident may be long lost in the past memories of those involved.

In a nutshell the strategy of the Navman Wireless Fleet Tracking system is to monitor the performance of the company’s drivers and see how that performance affects safety and fuel efficiency. It is also used to identify risky drivers and compare their performance against fleet standards to intervention can be done right away to coach them to improve. Another point is to compare fleet averages and see how individual drivers fit in.
With the attitude of thinking that says that you cannot fix something that you don’t measure, the company seeks to provide a great deal of timely usable data that can be viewed, then discussed with drivers and operators in order to improve the overall system and enhance profitability. If a driver is performing poorly and the manager is not aware of it, there is a good possibility that profitability will decrease. However if these behaviors are known in a timely way to management then corrective actions can be taken more near to the time the action occurs.

Multiply this thought process over hundreds of drivers and operators and the potential for increased efficiency and profitability is very apparent with the use of the Navman Wireless Fleet Tracking System.

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