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Owner Recovers Stolen Vans with GPS Tracker

We’ve talked a lot about the savings that can be provided by using GPS trackers, but nothing can be more tangible than actually recovering a stolen piece of property with your trackers.  This happened to a business owner in Carollton, KY recently.  This leads me to think, why do people even steal vehicles these days?  GPS Tracking is so prevalent that these thieves are just asking for trouble, but then again if they were smart they wouldn’t be stealing vehicles!?!

Police Car

On Tuesday the 2nd of April at 8:45 in the morning Caroll County Kentucky Authorities received a call from the owner of Valley Medical Transportation that they had two vans stolen.  The owner, obviously a great business person, had his vehicles installed with a GPS tracker.  This gave him the exact location of his stolen vehicles, and he was able to give this live information to the Carollton Police Department and Caroll County Sheriff Department.  These two departments were able to send vehicles directly to the the first vehicle that they found parked in a Speedway gas station.  The two occupants of the van were arrested immediately (awesome!) and the cops were able to recover $35,000 in stolen equipment.  Feel free to read the local news article here from  Valley Medical’s second vehicle was found about 20 miles south in Pendleton, KY.

This is a phenomenal example of how much time and money can be saved with fleet management through GPS tracking.  Not only were two criminals put in jail, but just try to imagine the amount of money the owner saved being able to help recover his stolen vehicles quickly:

  • No lost revenue from missing jobs ($10,500 for two weeks)*
  • No lost equipment ($35,000)
  • No replacing of a vehicle ($10,000 amount not covered by insurance)*
  • No fighting with insurance company on value of lost vehicle ($100’s)*

That’s close to $60,000* (*estimated) plus saved by a small device that costs less than $600/year.  Give us a call today to talk about the tracking of your fleet vehicles, you never know how much you’ll save!

Driver Watch Systems has been helping fleet owners since 2009 and we look forward to helping your company as well.

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