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Student Finds FBI’s Tracking Device

Surprising Discovery

Imagine taking your car in for a bit of routine maintenance and discovering something odd.  That’s what happened to Yasir Afifi, a Northern California student,  back in 2010.

Mr. Afifi was in the garage when the tech raised his car up on a lift to preform an oil change.  Yasir saw a device that had a small wire sticking out of it, and upon further investigation he saw that it was only held on my a magnet.  At Yasir’s request the tech easily removed the device with only a quick pull.  It was only speculation at the time but they thought right away that the device was a GPS tracker that someone or some agency had placed on Yasir’s car.

A few days later Yasir’s thoughts were confirmed when 6 FBI agents showed up at his home demanding the GPS tracking device back!  Seriously??  imagine this, “Hi yes Mr. Afifi, I’m Joe Agent from the FBI and we’re here to get our expensive GPS tracker back… please hand it over now!”  These guys actually wanted the GPS tracker back that they had placed on HIS car.  Now Mr. Afifi did exactly what anyone would do when being stared down by 6 FBI agents, he gave the device back.  But not before taking a few photos of the device for our entertainment.

GPS Tracking Device

Great App Great Technology

While this is a story of a government agency using a GPS tracking platform to achieve a goal it can also be used to show how reliable and responsive this technology has become.  The FBI uses GPS tracking to ensure our safety, regardless of the civil liberties that may have been violated in Mr. Afifi’s case the point remains it is a highly effective tool that can help anyone.  Take your company and your fleet vehicles, while you may not think someone is breaking the law or plotting anything dangerous, a good tracker will help with many more aspects.  Enhancing fleet management is not difficult, just gather more data and turn that into easily understood information then take that one more step and actually apply that information to make better management decisions.

Making better decision is easy with better and more accurate info.  The result will be seen on the bottom line through a robust ROI, the money you will spend on a great tracking system is already being spent in fleet inefficiencies.  The problem is that you are spending a lot more than the cost of the system on those inefficiencies, that is how we can show such a positive ROI.  Call or contact Driver Watch Systems today to learn how we can help.

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