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Nashville Cabs Required to Have GPS Trackers

The Metro Transportation Licensing Commission (MTLC) of Nashville just passed a regulation that all cab company in the metro area must equip their cabs with GPS tracking devices.  This was a regulation passed at their meeting the 25th of April.  This new regulation was discussed and voted on because of the recent death of a young woman in the Nashville area.  The young woman was found dead near her home and last seen getting into a cab in Nashville.

The MTLC currently requires paperwork to be filled out by each cab driver giving details of where they pick up and where they drop off their fares.  This paperwork, while being required, is still very easy to avoid and not complete until later when the memory may not be too fresh, reports the Interim Director of the MTLC Billy Fields.



The Commission knows that if these cab companies all had tracking units inside their vehicles, it would be very easy to generate a report showing historical locations of the vehicles from any time in the near past.  This would be a huge advantage for not only the cab companies but also the customers that use the cab companies.  The advantage for the customers would safety.  They will know that where ever the vehicles travel there will be a trail of accountability traveling along with them.  This is how the behavior of the operates change as well.  We are definitely not saying that the drivers of these vehicles ever committed a crime or would intentionally hurt someone, but if nothing else it would slow them down and cause them to think twice about doing anything out of the ordinary .

Trail of Accountability

By nature the cab business has a lot of vehicles traveling in many different directions all at the same time, keeping track of these vehicles and making sure all fairs are being calculated and collected is quite a job.  A fleet management system powered by GPS tracking makes this job incredibly easier.  At a glance a dispatcher can see their vehicles en route and route the closest vehicle to a location saving time and fuel and also increasing customer satisfaction.  After a job is complete if there is ever a question about what went down and how things played out a quick report or reference of the online locator and done… all questions answered.

For more information please feel free to contact Driver Watch System by simply clicking this link.

Source: WKRN-TV in Nashville

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