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Using GPS Vehicle Tracking to promote driver retention

A study by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration shows how important good management is to driver retention.? Many of the topics highlighted by the FMCSA study can be handled by a good vehicle tracking system, just like the one provided by Driver Watch Systems.

One point highlighted in this study is in regard to the number of drivers that a single dispatcher can easily manage.? With a vehicle tracking system in place the workload of a single dispatcher is reduced significantly, thus giving that dispatcher more time to handle issues deemed important by the customers and drivers.

Rewarding the bottom line has always been significant in retaining employees, the question is how do you recognize a single employees contribution to the bottom line?? With vehicle tracking a single employees contribution is easily obtained and so is the contribution of the fleet as a whole.

Of course one of the most important factors in retaining drivers is the prevention of accidents under reporting.? Have it be through vehicle tracking or driver observation reporting a drivers performance on the road needs to be rewarded when necessary.? Allow the systems brought to you by Driver Watch Systems help determine who needs to be rewarded and who needs more education, your company will be the one rewarded in the end by the reduction of expenses related to hiring and training.


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