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Too Busy? How The IoT Will Help.

Too Busy, IoT

We all hear it all the time, “I’m just too busy”, you may even say it a lot yourself. It doesn’t matter if you’re a sales person or a CEO, if you are talking with a friend or a customer; the ‘too busy’ excuse is all too over used.

The funny thing about the ‘too busy’ excuse is that what really is being said is “it’s not important enough”. The biggest problem with the ‘too busy’ excuse, in relation to fleet tracking and management, is that as soon as it’s REALLY important enough something REALLY bad has probably happened, such as a stolen vehicle, stolen supplies or hardware, or an employee having to be removed from a position, and God forbid an accident followed by lengthy and very expensive litigation.

The Internet of Things, IoT

IoT, you’ve probably seen this acronym floating around. But what does it mean? It means the Internet of Things. Iot is actually machines talking with other machines; we don’t mean robots having drinks at happy hour with other robots, or artificial intelligence that would give the Terminator movies a run for their money. We mean your commercial vehicles talking with a server and collecting data so that you can become more informed, at your leisure.

Are You Too Busy?

Are you too busy to measure the amount of idle time your drivers are piling up? Excessive idling is extremely wasteful, nothing is being achieved during excessive idling… well except the wasteful consumption of fuel.

Are you too busy to count the number of times your drivers are coming and going from their jobs sites? Is it too much, too little, too late or even too early? All of these things can cost time and money. But I know… you’re too busy to pay attention right now.

Are you too busy to worry about your drivers speeding, accelerating off the line like Jimmy Johnson on a Sunday afternoon at Talladega? What about fast turns and harsh braking? All of these are signs of abuse and excessive wear and tear on your vehicle. These can be preliminary signs of an even worse scenario… like a collision. But, you’re too busy to follow yours drivers around to look for info like this, well that’s probably true.

Are you too busy to collect this data and present it in a fashion that other people can measure? Total drive times, total distances driven, fuel consumed, total fleet vehicle utilization? Sounds like a lot, right?

Well, it is a lot… but of course we’ve got a solution. Because of the IoT, you can have your machines in constant communication and all of this can be done while you work on other things that are more pressing.

DWS GPS Vehicle Tracking System

Driver Watch Systems’ tracking solutions will deliver alerts upon bad driver behavior, or scheduled reports so you and your managers can see how many miles are being driven, or how much fuel is being consumed. We will send you a text or email when your vehicles idle too much, speed, use a vehicle outside of your designated times.

Don’t be too busy, until it’s too late. That has the potential to cost your company thousands of dollars, worst case scenario it could cost you millions of dollars.

So take some time today and talk with Driver Watch Systems, we’ll take the time to learn about your business and we’ll help you select the correct fleet tracking system for your company’s fleet.

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