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GPS Fleet Tracking Allows For More Efficient Use of Vehicles

When operating a fleet of vehicles is your business or simply a part of your business it is vital to support that fleet with the most modern technologies available.  Logistics is the detailed coordination of people, equipment and supplies, so knowing where you’re people are and how the equipment is being used is vital to the logistics of your business.  It is necessary that you are aware of where each vehicle in your fleet is at any given time of a day. This information will enable you to plan and guide the deployment of vehicles so that there is the least turnaround time and no idle periods. This can ensure that the fleet is being fully utilized and constantly adding to the bottom line.

Automated System

Earlier methods of keeping track of fleets required constant reporting of positions through verbal communication, two-way radios, telephones, reporting to control points or other systems that fleet owners put in place. Modern technology has come up with GPS fleet tracking, tracking allows automatic electronic tracking of vehicles through the global position system, or GPS, that uses signals sent to satellites which then allow the position of a vehicle to be very accurately known, at any given moment of time.

The positions of each vehicle are fed to a tracking platform and server and can be accessed by the manager or dispatcher of the fleet. Most software nowadays also has maps, indicating roads and other details, which can allow a dispatcher to know where a vehicle is. As the positioning depends on satellites, they have no problem ensuring correct tracking in both city and rural areas and in all types of weather. It can help dispatchers to define the route that a vehicle has to take, and get information whenever there is any deviation. This allows a control over fuel consumption and vehicle use. It can also allow a dispatcher to suggest alternative routes to drivers in case any obstruction or traffic problems are anticipated.

GPS systems installed in vehicles can have displays that define the route to be taken, so that a driver does not have to waste time, stopping to decide on routes needed. This reduces the time taken for trips, and allows faster turnarounds. Another great advantage of GPS fleet tracking is that knowing the exact position of vehicles and their status, can also allow them to be diverted to locations where there need arises, without having to return to the home base for instructions.

Driver Behavior and Alerting

A tracking system that identifies the exact position of a vehicle can act as a good means for enforcing discipline on drivers, preventing them from taking any diversions, or unscheduled breaks that affect utilization. A good system will alert on excessive idling, bad driving behavior and unauthorized use.  Customers can also be alerted about the imminent arrival of their transported material, so that arrangements are immediately made to receive the vehicle and arrange for its unloading. The ability for fleet companies to keep their customers constantly in the loop is a huge plus and a major advantage of having GPS fleet tracking installed.

The software keeps historical data of fleet use and stores the information so that is available to the company at a later date.  This very helpful when addressing any complaints from customers, regarding the time of arrival of any consignment. It also serves as a basis for any future planning of routes for any expected business. The data can also allow for analysis of vehicle performance and may help dispatchers to identify vehicles that are not performing as they should.

GPS tracking will help any business relying on a fleet to improve productivity, reduce costs, increase safety, ensure better utilization and thus improve margins. Whether you are operating over the road tractor trailers or small passenger vehicles, it really doesn’t matter, a tracking system will help to further optimize your business.

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