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Theft and Unauthorized Usage

How much theft and unauthorized usage does your company experience in the course of one month?? Don’t know?? The answer may shock you.? The use of a company vehicle after hours or on the weekend, when not authorized, is stealing.? The driver is using their employers fuel and resources for their personal benefit.? It may be as innocent as driving to the grocery store or it could be to earn extra money on the side.? If they are using your van or truck they are probably using your tools, equipment, hardware and parts as well and that really adds up.

Think about the increase in risk as well, the more that vehicle is on the road the more its exposure to an accident or collision becomes.? Imagine dealing with an attorney because your company is being sued over a drivers lapse of judgment leading to an accident they caused while they were en route to a family picnic!? Better yet does your insurance company even cover after hours or weekend use?? Now is not the time to find out, either!

So how does a GPS tracking and fleet management system provided by Driver Watch Systems help?? Easy, with our system in place you now have the ability to receive alerts via text message or email warning you of a vehicle that is operating when not scheduled to be operating.? You have the ability to receive detailed reports at your convenience of the daily operations of a vehicle, that way you will know exactly what days it was operating and for how long.

And as always all of this for as litle as $1.50 a day!? Feel free to contact us here, any time!

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