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Padded Overtime

The padding of overtime has been the hobby of many emplyees for years.? It is human nature to try and get a little extra here and there because it is thought to be only an innocent little clitch of a few numbers.? There are many ways that this can be accomplished, either by taking the long route, or by drivers starting their day late and ending it late and claiming overtime, or by taking long or excessive lunches and breaks, loafing off at job sites or making personal stops during the day.

These may seem innocent enough but they really add up and can cost a company a tremendous amount of money? The fleet management and GPS tracking devices that Driver Watch Systems provides have the ability to help you stop these habits? Thus they provide a huge savings in expenses and help to increase profits and efficiencies all day every day!

All of this for only $1.50/day, contact us for a free demonstration!

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