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Fuel Costs Too High?

Unless your an airline, I don’t expect you’ll be buying fuel years in advance and locking in a low price!? So like the rest of us you have to deal with the highs and lows of the barrel of crude to determine the price for gas or diesel.? So what does a small business do to reduce their fuel cost?? Reduce their consumption!

The easiest and most effective way of reducing your consumption of fuel is to eliminate drivers taking incorrect routes, speeding, excessive engine idling and unauthorized usage.? All of these problems can be eliminated and managed through the use of the GPS vehicle tracking and fleet management system provide by Driver Watch Systems.

Our system has the ability to alert you or your staff by email or text message if a vehicle is being used during times it’s not supposed to be used, or when a driver has exceeded a set speed.? The extensive reports can be emailed that will highlight drivers who are driving too fast, or are idling for extensive time periods!? All will have a direct impact on the bottom line by saving your company money!? Remember all of this for only $1.50/day! Contact Driver Watch Systems today to learn more.

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