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Save Money By Eliminating Wasteful Routing

Here’s another video tutorial from Driver Watch Systems.  In this video we are dealing with the wasting of time and money through inappropriate use of a vehicle or from bad routing.

If you have a few vehicles on the road with drivers who are used to driving whenever and wherever they please, at your expense, can you guess how much that will cost your company?  Probably not, in fact you probably don’t know it’s happening or too what extent is is happening.  With the Driver Watch Systems’ fleet tracking and management system we can tell you exactly where your vehicles are now and historically, how long they were not on route and based on your use metrics we can tell you how much that cost!  With the elimination of the misuse of a vehicle a tremendous amount of money will be saved.  Let’s take a quick look at the video.

It’s really as simple as reviewing a few days of a vehicle’s history and comparing it to their route.  No need to watch all the time or police them with an iron fist, just reviewing a few routes will let you know what is going on, then approaching your driver and talking with them to help reeducate them on the appropriate use of the the company’s vehicle should really do the trick.  If you would like to learn more about our tracking platform feel free to click on the links below and contact us today!

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