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Quick Geofence Creation – Fleet Tracking and Management System

Quick Geofence Creation Instructions

First off, for those who aren’t familiar with geofencing within our fleet tracking and management platform, a geofence is nothing more than a virtual fence surrounding a location determined by the user, and you will want to use them around locations visited on a regular basis. 

The majority of the time these fences are created in the initial set-up of the tracking system.  Office locations, job sites, employee’s homes, and vendorss locations that are known are uploaded to reduce the initial workload of the operator.  But through the normal course of business additional geofence locations will need to be added to the system, this is quick tutorial on adding a geofence from a location that was historically visited by one of your tracked vehicles.

Quick Geofence Video Tutorial

In the video we show you how to find a location that was visited by a vehicle and then add the needed geofence.  This is helpful if you are not aware of the address for the necessary geofence but you know that one of your tracked vehicles had visited the specific location last Thursday at 11:00 am, for example. 

We just search the history of vehicle #1 for last Thursday and when we click on the location for 11:00 am, the vehicle’s historic location for that time and date is centered on the map to the right.  From here we simply click on the icon for that alert and then a the sub-menu for that vehicle will pop up (there is a lot of great information in this sub menu), if it isn’t popping up you may need to allow pop-ups from our site on your current browser.  The next step is too click on the geofence menu tab at the top and then select the type of geofence to create, a circle, polygon or route geofence.  Normally we will only create either the circle or polygon shaped geofence using this method of creation, so after choosing one of those we follow the steps to draw it on the map.  We always recommend making the fence bit larger than you think is necessary. 

From there we have the option to color the geofence whatever color you would like, it’s always a good idea to keep geofences of similar nature the same color for quick reference.  If it is an employee’s homes then yellow and blue for example, while vendor locations can be red and black.  Now after we’ve chosen our colors and named the location let us not forget to assign the fence to the correct group, if not all of the groups. This is important if you don’t want notification from a certain group of vehicles.  We also allow you to tell the system to only keep the geofence active during necessary days and times, if you’d like them active all the time then be certain to check off 7 days a week from 12:00 am to 11:59:59 pm.

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