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Proof will be found on the bottom line!

If you have a fleet-based business and you’re not using every aspect of this system, you’re losing money. It pays for itself many times over.

Alliance Pest Control Benefits of Navman WirelessNavman Wireless Cost Reduction Case Study

Overtime Costs

  • Time sheets are routinely compared to Navman Activity Reports for accuracy and valid use of time.
  • Overtime has been reduced by at least 40 hours a week, at $34 per hour- a savings of $5440 a month.

Added Productivity

  • Satellite mapping allows the closest tech to be routed to a call.
  • The company can monitor the time spent at each service call to maximize the efficiency of their technicians.
  • Alliance estimates productivity has increased by an average of $250 per week per vehicle.

Fuel Costs

  • Efficient dispatching routes the closest tech.? Geofences alert to off-route stops. Unauthorized use has been eliminated. Alliance’s fuel usage has dropped by $1,000 a month.

Additional Benefits

  • Alliance previously relied on the technicians to report the mileage on vehicles in order to schedule maintenance. Now Navman Vehicle Maintenance Reports keep them up to date.
  • Speed Reports provide notification when a vehicle drives over the limit.
  • Moonlighting can be a problem in the pest control business. With Navman GPS Tracking and Activity Reports, unauthorized use has come to a ‘sledgehammer stop’.
  • Navman has been a boon to customer service. Alliance can call when a technician is delayed, or route the nearest vehicle to an emergency call.
  • Because the Navman system can be installed on any computer, Alliance can track their fleet 24/7.

Fleet management through GPS vehicle tracking has become a necessity in today’s business world.? Contact Driver Watch Systems to learn how much you can begin saving.

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