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Knowledge, Personalization & Simplicity

Navman Wireless’ CEO T.J. Chung speaks on some key factors to why people choose their GPS vehicle tracking systems over the competition.? Contact Driver Watch Systems today to learn how your company can save time and money with a free demonstration.

? Give them a peek. Navman Wireless uses Global Positioning System technology to help firms with small- to midsize fleets track their movement.

“I know what my drivers are doing,” is what company owners tell Navman CEO T.J. Chung before trying the software.

After, the reaction is: “Boy, I thought I knew my fleet,” said Chung. “You’d be surprised at how much they don’t know.”

? Personalize it. Navman communicates on three levels ? to the driver, dispatcher and company owner. Each has different needs, from exact directions to gas mileage.

“We look at our applications from all of those perspectives,” Chung said.

? Insist on simplicity. Chung says Navman is designed for a short learning curve. New users are typically fluent in an hour.

“It needs to be very visual,” he said. “The information flow needs to be in real time, very accurate and very simple.”

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