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Nissan Smartphone Integration for Fleet Management

The Nissan Motor Company Ltd. has a great alternative to the normal fleet management and tracking system.  They have designed a system that integrates the driver’s smartphone with their vehicles IT system to then transfer data from the vehicle to a cloud server for fleet management purposes.  This new management system is designed specifically for their light commercial vehicles and it was unveiled at Nissan 360 this year.  Nissan’s system will provide much needed cost cutting info for both the driver of the vehicle as well as the fleet managers, in real time.

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Nissan’s GPS Fleet Solutions

The fleet driver will benefit by receiving speeding notifications, anything over a predetermined speed, as well as Eco-driving and Smart Driving diagnosis. These diagnoses will help the driver to operate the vehicle in its most optimal fashion.  It will also promote safe operation of the vehicle while cutting costs for the recharging or fueling of the tracked vehicle. The same information that the driver sees will be provided to the fleet managers as well, in addition the managers will also receive GPS location and vehicle maintenance information.  Real time information for managers can provide incredible savings, from the reduction in fuel cost to the improvement of maintenance.

New Approach to Telematics

While the tracking of fleet vehicles is nothing new and has shown to provide real saving to fleet owners, Nissan’s approach will help to do this in a much less expensive fashion.  Most tracking devices are self sufficient, most consist of an external power source while maintaining its own communication and locating ability. Nissan’s approach will harness the power of the smartphone to locate the vehicle with the phones GPS chip and then transmit the data gathered by the vehicles IT or management system over it’s own data transfer capabilities.  This is truly a novel idea in the fleet telematics industry and one that should prove to work very well for both Nissan and their commercial customers.

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