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Immediate ROI From GPS Fleet Tracking Device For Rental Company

The biggest fear of a fleet manager or business owner would have to be a crash or accident involving one of their vehicles, second to that would be the loss of one of their vehicles to theft.  So, let’s talk about this for a bit.  If you could incorporate a system that would allow you to minimize your vehicles exposure of crash or theft would you do it?  Of course you would.  Now what if this system could also help you maintain a better run organization by minimizing expenditures and increasing customer satisfaction?  Well that would be icing on the cake as afar as everyone is concerned I am sure.


We talked about the loss of a vehicle or injury to an employee being one of the biggest fears of a fleet manager.  Any loss prevention expert will tell you that accidents don’t just happen.  Their are always a sequence of events the precede the accident, this sequence of events is what a good manager is trained to see.  A quality GPS fleet tracking system helps the manager see through all of the day to day stuff to show them just the information they need to make sure their vehicles are operating in a safe fashion.  Speed reduction, seat belt use, normal acceleration and braking, all signs of good vehicle manipulation.  If any of these functions of driving are being abused on a regular basis than the chances of a crash are exponential.  Huge savings can be achieved by simply enforcing and verifying the safe operation of your vehicles.

GPS Fleet Solutions

GPS Fleet Solutions

Recently Cheshire Vehicle Rentals in the UK had a vehicle stolen from one of their customers.  Ironically enough it was stolen hours after the GPS tracker was installed.  That vehicle was gone from their possession for less than 2 hours, that’s right the police recovered it with-in 90 minutes!  All because they were able to locate and follow it’s every movement.

Think about the down time they would have experienced and the amount of revenue they would have forfeited by that one lone vehicle being removed from their fleet.  Not too mention the amount of time and work they would have put forth dealing with their insurance provider and selecting a replacement vehicle.  All of that unnecessary time and effort was completed adverted by a simple little GPS device provided by a quality GPS fleet solutions provider.

Driver Watch Systems specializing in helping small to medium sized businesses track and maintain their fleet.  If you are interested in learning how your company may benefit please feel free to contact us by phone, 407-964-1278, or through our website.


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