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Is Google Tracking You?

Google Tracking Link:


Do you have a smart phone?  If you said yes, then you can pretty much assume that your phone is being tracked.

Google is tracking the movements of Google users (with their permission of course) through their smart phones, with the help of an app called Google Now.

I use Google, Google Now, and Gmail for pretty much everything.  They all integrate so well.  I also use Google Calendar and when I have an a appointment at a certain time Google will send me a notification so I know exactly when to leave, even considering the traffic delays between my present location and my destination!  If I’m out and about running errands and I want to find the nearest flower shop, all I do is ask my Google Now app and based on the tracking and my current location it will tell me exactly where to go.  Of course all iPhone users are familiar with Siri and that is pretty much the same thing, but only when you ask. Google is tracking all the time!

That’s not the only difference between Google and Apple of course.  Google allows you to see where you’ve been, yup just by clicking on a link you can see exactly where you’ve been tracked, using Google Maps of course.  Follow this link to see is you are being tracked by Google: Is Google Tracking You?

Is this creepy?  Only if you didn’t know that your phone is being tracked, but if you understand that this information is being used to help you in your personal and business life then it makes complete sense.

Information is power and let’s face it, we have a lot of power in these little tracking devices.  GPS tracking can help us use our time better which results in… whatever we want.  More money, more time to work or even more time to relax.

So don’t be creeped out by this but recognize that it can be very helpful and remember you can always turn it off whenever you want!

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