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GPS Tracking Of A Shark

What is the norm for a Great White Shark?

No one knows for sure, Chris Fischer the founder of Ocearch has set out to find the answers though.  A lot of time and money have been spent recording and documenting the lives of sharks.  People are trying to learn their patterns for hunting, mating and just basic survival.  This is where Ocearch comes in, they are kicking the research up a notch by mounting tracking devices to these large fish.  They then take that information and share it with the world.  Very cool!  They have an open source web site that anyone can go to and track a shark, click here for the link.

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Go ahead and click on the link and follow it to their site, it’s amazing to see how close these sharks actually are to people.  You can very easily find the pings of sharks all up and down the Eastern seaboard as these sharks migrate following their food source.

During an ABC interview Mr. Fischer is quoted as saying “no one knows what they used to do” when asked if their behaviors are changing.  That got me thinking about tracking for fleet purposes, and how similar the situations actually are.  If you don’t know what your drivers and vehicles have been doing in the past how can you judge what will happen in the future?  Well… other than the same thing I suppose!  But the point to to be better and keep improving.  The tracking of these animals in the ocean is helping us set a normal so that we know if something is wrong in the future.  Tracking of employees is the same thing, as we track we learn what our norm is, and then we can use that information to help develop the future and make us more profitable.

Anyway, check out the story and their site as well. It’ll make you think twice when you venture into the water!!!

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