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General Fleet Inefficiency

Every fleet no matter how well managed will have some sort of general inefficiencies that are just inherent in operating commercial vehicles.? Either a vehicle is not proceeding from point A to point B via the most direct route or the drivers are still manually logging mileage or time per stop.? One of the biggest inefficiencies in fleet operations is dispatching the incorrect vehicle to a job, such as the closest vehicle not being assigned the job.

Our fleet management and GPS vehicle tracking systems will allow your company to narrow these inefficiencies to the point of almost eliminating them.? Using the software provided by Driver Watch Systems you will have the ability to see where drivers are making unnecessary stops and thus inappropriately consuming time and fuel.? This system also is logging locations, mileage and times at all times, this system does not forget to log times or mileage and it never guesses!? One of the best features of this fleet management system is the “Show Nearest” feature which will show you all your vehicles in your fleet and their respective distances from a specified location, then all you need to do is use the “Route To…” feature that will send the location and directions directly to the vehicle for your drivers to follow.

All of this for less than $1.50/day! To learn more give Driver Watch Systems a call today!

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