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Roadside Transportation, Enjoying the benefits of the Navman Wireless system

Improved Fleet Management

  • Roadside Transport used to track their fleet with another system.? Whether they’re lost, late, or just to provide ETA, Roadside needs to find their trucks fast.?Director of Operations, Joe Best, “The Navman querying and reporting is the best I’ve ever seen.? It really makes our jobs a lot easier.”
  • The State Mileage Report particularly helps Roadside when paying Road Use Tax.? In a click of the mouse they’ve replaced hours or routing and calculation.? It gives Roadside piece of mind to know Navman Wireless has the most reliable and accurate reporting.

Reduced Fuel Costs

  • Idling is a major cost for Roadside Transport.? “When the weather’s nice, there’s no reason to be running the engine.”? Navman’s Idle Report allows Roadside to keep a close eye on their fuel budget.
  • Also serving to reduce engine hours Overspeed Reports help to keep driver under 70mph cutting down on fuel costs as well.
  • Roadside Transport estimates they’ve slashed fuel costs by at least 10%, a savings of $843.75 per vehicle per month.

Additional Benefits

  • Satellite Mapping eliminates downtime and improves safety.? Dispatch is quick to re-route trucks, saving them the trouble of searching maps.
  • Querying allows dispatch to accurately and quickly give customers a location and ETA. “The system eliminates uncertainty.? Being able to verify where a driver is at all times without a doubt, is teh main reason we use Navman Wireless.”
  • Some of Roadside Transport’s trucks are kept at the drivers’ homes and off site locations.? Geofences report the exact times that trucks leave in the morning, stop at their designated locations, and return at night.
  • Payroll can be time consuming and tedious especially when your drivers take the vehicles home.? Time Sheet Reports help Roadside to pay their employees without spending any time adding up hours or dealing with disputes.
  • Providing the very best customer service is Roadside’s number one priority .? Route To functionality allows Dispatch to route the closest vehicle to the job site within moments of a customer call.

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