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On-Board Sensors Enhance GPS Fleet Solution

Your fleet vehicles are a huge source of information.  With hundreds of feet of wiring they have thousands of electrical signals being sent back and forth to your vehicle’s computer every minute.  This data is a great source of money cutting information.  Through the years fleet management systems have become a lot more than just GPS tracking, we’re talking a lot more than just location and speed information gathering.

Navman Wireless


With the Navman Wireless GPS fleet solution you have the ability to track a lot of information.  This hardware has the ability to hook up to and track anything with an electric signal, doors opening and closing, the changing of temperature in a reefer trailer to the use of a seat belt.  What a way to increase safety, being able to mandate seat belt use and having a tool to be sure it is being followed. With this information you will be able to:

  • Ensure the future of your equipment.
  • Have the knowledge of how your equipment is actually being used.
  • Grow transparency through the use of alerts to emails.

When you increase safety while reduce expenses their are really many results, first and foremost a better working environment and also a happier workforce.  All of that while also increasing the bottom line through the reduction in wear and tear, fuel, and payroll.

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