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GPS Tracking of Elderly Drivers

Silver Alert

Do you know what a Silver Alert is?  Is it an alert you get when the price of Silver goes through the roof?  How about when an elderly person decides it’s time to leave and not tell anyone where they are going?
Well, if you guessed the second option you’d be correct.  The Silver Alert is a term that was first used by Oklahoma State Representative Fred Perry (R-Tulsa) back in December 2005.  The point was to have an alert very similar to the Amber Alert but for the elderly.  It is has been adopted by over 30 states in the Union but they all still have different criteria for what they consider a Silver Alert.  More than not the person involved in the Silver Alert will be experiencing the symptoms of Alzheimer’s or dementia.  It is critical that the person lost is found within the first 24 hours, because after that the chance of them being hurt is much higher.

GPS Tracking

So how do you find an elderly person that has decided to go for a drive and gets lost?  Simply track the vehicle, that’s how.  With the use of a simple GPS tracker device you can always see where they vehicle is located.  You’ll know when they left and when they returned and everywhere in between actually.  Just imagine coming home and expecting an elderly parent to be there when you realize they have decided to leave home but no one knows where they went or how long they’ve been gone.  So you try to call their cell phone but you quickly hear that in the back bedroom ringing.  Then you remember the GPS tracker in the car, you simply check your smart phone for their exact location and you can go find them or you can wait to see where they are headed.

SilverCloud SYNC ™

At Driver Watch Systems we offer the LandAirSea Silver Cloud SYNC ™ GPS tracking device.  It offers simplicity in install and in use.  After setting up your account you simply plug the device into the ODB2 port in your vehicle and you are ready to track.  For a small monthly fee there will be no more worry about the location of grandma or grandpa.  Not only will you feel better busync_01t they will feel better knowing that if something happens you will be right there to help.  The extra independence that is offered is very dignified for them as well.
If you find yourself worrying about an elderly person who may or may not be experience the onset of Alzheimer’s or dementia this is a great option. Looking to buy the SilverCloud SYNC?  Simply click here.




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