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Alarm Clock

I just left one of the major electronic box stores here in my hometown, I had to buy a new alarm clock (the old one stopped waking me up for some reason!) and it cost me $35.00.? That’s right I paid $35 for a clock!

Let’s take a look at what I got for $35: a clock, an alarm, an AM and FM radio… I think $35.00 is a lot for a clock.? Now in comparison with something that I know well, let’s look at GPS vehicle tracking.

For less than what I paid for the alarm clock I could receive the cost savings provided by tracking a commercial vehicle for the period of one month.? For under $35 I would get the award winning software of the OnlineAVL2 from Navman Wireless.

Contact Driver Watch Systems today to learn how you can get this money savings software for less than the price of an alarm clock!

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