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Why should you use Vehicle Tracking?

I know I know? you’ve been running your business for years and you’ve seen it all, you’ve heard it all.? Why would you need something to tell you where your drivers are, or where they’ve been?

Man, we really get lulled into a false sense of control? You have good employees, they don’t mean to take advantage of our good graces, but you have employees that tend to put themselves before the betterment of the company. A driver takes the long way to an appointment to pad the overtime, or uses the van on the weekend to run personal errands. Now you may not have an issue with this at first, but you may if that employee begins to take advantage of your good natured gift. And that’s what it has been, a gift. You pay for the fuel, you pay to maintain that vehicle and insure that vehicle and those costs really add up you own that vehicle. If something happens you will pay to defend your company and the decisions made by that employee.

Vehicle tracking allows you to maintain oversight of the decisions your employees make and the direct expense relative to those decisions. You’re not the proverbial “big brother” you?re the person who owns that vehicle, you have a right to know where it’s been, what it has done, and how it got where it’s located.

Above and beyond the oversight, the fleet management software provided with the Navman Wireless System, being sold by Driver Watch Systems, is like hiring another employee for a small monthly fee. This new employee comes to work every day on time, this new employee will email you every time a driver decides to idle too long, this employee will automatically email your driver?s time sheets to you on your schedule. This employee will tell you exactly how long a job took or why it took 45 minutes to drive 10 miles. You can invoice based off of the times provided by this system.

You use vehicle tracking because you want to save money, you use vehicle tracking because you want to grow your business, you use vehicle tracking because you want to continue to provide your employees with the best place to work and a safe and honest business to work for.? You use vehicle tracking because it makes cents!? Let us show you more, contact us here.

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