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Cost of a Single Accident

Traffic accidents happen every day, everywhere in the world.It has become a fact of life, just turn on any radio station in America during normal commuting hours and you can hear all about them.Head on, rear end, T-bone, side swipe, we see them all the time.We all just hope and pray that we are not ever involved in an accident.Forget the danger involved and the threat of injury, just the headache alone of dealing with insurance carriers, rental vehicles, repair and body shops, the possibility of being sued even if you’re not at fault!They are a nightmare!!!

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that a single accident in the US costs an average of $14060; this is from a study in 2000 ( so corrected for inflation and keeping all other factors the same that brings the total to $17,325! The factors are things like lost market productivity, property damage, medical care and emergency services, travel delays, legal and court cost and insurance administration and we all know they have not remained the same they have gone up exponentially. Imagine having to cover that total in today’s business climate, not something you want to think about I’m sure.Basic fleet management suggests that taking steps that will minimize your exposure to these accidents and incidents are a major priority.

Our Driver Observation Reporting System helps your fleet managers determine who your professional drivers are and who should receive further education on operating a vehicle safely or at worst case be removed from behind the wheel. These reports allow the driver’s supervisor see problems as they are developing instead of after they have occurred.Removing a driver from the field after the $17,000 expense is too late, removing or reeducating that driver prior to the $17,000 expense is key!Allow Driver Watch Systems help you accomplish this today, contact us here.

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