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What’s your fuel savings plan?

Does your company have a fuel savings plan for your fleet vehicles?

Do your drivers?

Ha, of course not! It’s not even on their mind!

The price of crude oil rose to a two year high this week; just shy of $90/barrel. That will have a direct effect on your fuel bill! It is estimated that for every $10 increase in the price of crude it raises the price of gasoline by $0.25.? Crude oil isn’t estimated to go down anytime soon; in fact it is just cresting above the comfortable level.

How does your company counter this? They use technology! A fleet tracking system is a proven method of reducing fuel consumption. With a quality product in place your company can pinpoint excessive idling and inefficient use of their vehicles. How about reducing your fleet expenses by 15 to 20%? Sounds good?

Give Driver Watch Systems a call today: 407-964-1278 to learn how you can save!


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