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The dollar is in the details

I was recently talking with a few execs from a company that currently has a tracking system that’s been in place for over 4 years.  They have started to do some research to see what kind of system they can get when they upgrade… well really they want more for less.  But who doesn’t?

I began the conversation like I always do, I wanted to learn about their vehicles and how they operate on a daily basis.  I asked what kind of information do they want to see from their GPS vehicle tracking system and the answer surprised me.  I was told they really only want to see the basics, where their fleet vehicles are, no reports, no alerts, no emails… nothing.  All this so that on a whim a supervisor can just take a look and see that a fleet truck is in the correct spot at the correct time.

I went with that for a little while, but then we started to discuss how easy it really is to start saving money, quickly.  With just a few tweaks to our system we can tailor a few alerts and reports that can help eliminate over-speeds, idling and vehicles that have been stationary too long.  This is something that comes standard and it really helps to support the changing of driver behavior.  That’s the key,  changing driver behavior.  This is where the money is really saved and sometimes even lives.  When the executive team of the company I was talking with started to see what can actually be saved everyone’s interest went up a few levels.  With very little time and effort from the administrative team money will be saved, time will be saved and efficiency will sky-rocket.

Cool technology to save cold hard cash… can’t complain about that!

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