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Navman Wireless Announces The New Qube 3!!!!!

Driver Watch Systems is happy to inform you that Navman Wireless has announced the new Qube 3, an upgrade to the GPS vehicle tracking device that is a core component of our OnlineAVL2 fleet tracking system. Featuring the lowest failure rate in the industry, the Qube has now been enhanced with advanced tamper detection, eight-day backup battery, built-in motion sensor and related alerts.

The Qube 3 also offers:

  • A tamper-resistant cover that protects all connections and thwarts employee efforts to disable the GPS signal in order to hide unauthorized vehicle use. If the cover is tampered with, the system detects the interference and automatically sends real-time email or text alerts to designated personnel.
  • An eight-day backup battery in standby mode, and eight hour backup battery in full operation, (with one minute updates) that enables continued GPS tracking even if a thief cuts the wires that connect the Qube to the vehicle. The new battery is built into the Qube device to prevent removal.
  • A built-in motion sensor that detects and alerts dispatchers or other personnel to off-hours vehicle movement. This feature can help managers prevent theft, moonlighting and personal use of the vehicle.

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