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More examples of some real saving!

Below you can read about a commercial door specialist who started saving money right away, or go to the actual site and read about it there. This company used a Navman Wireless system just like the one offered by Driver Watch Systems, click here to learn more.

A commercial door specialist has saved 60,000 after introducing vehicle tracking.

Midland Door Services says it has made phenomenal savings after investing in technology from Navman Wireless.

John Lunt, managing director, said: ?I?ve calculated that the system is saving me ?28,000 a year in overtime costs alone.

“Overestimating the time a job takes is a common practice, but because tracking allows us to see where all our vehicles are at any one time, there’s no room for doubt.”

As a consequence, exaggerated overtime claims have been totally eradicated and the company estimates it is saving around two hours a day for each of its eight engineers.

Lunt added: “Knowing exactly where our vehicles are has meant staff have stopped using company fuel when driving vans out of working hours.”

“By prohibiting private use of our vans and being able to monitor that with total accuracy, we?re saving around ?31,000 a year in fuel.”

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